History of Academia de Bellarmino

Academia de Bellarmino (AdB) is an educational institution established from the desire to reach out to more children who have the right to quality education. It started from a small unit in Culiat, Quezon City, back in the year 2005 initially offering Nursery, Kinder and Prep and Grade 1. Every succeeding school year, a higher grade level is introduced. At present, it already offers courses from Playgroup, Pre-school up to Grade 6. AdB has two campuses located at Road 1, Project 6, Quezon City.

AdB was founded by Mr. Ismael and Mrs. Aimee Serrano who are both educators and share a passion in making an invaluable contribution to the community by educating the children to make them well-rounded individuals. They believe that couples who work hard and wish their children to avail of a very sound and reasonable education should be given the chance to achieve that dream.

From this viewpoint, AdB has been offering pre-school education leaning towards the traditional approach but with touches of progressive methods. Eventually, the grade school education has been adopting the traditional method.

Mother School – Holy Child Academy

AdB continues to uphold the legacy from which it was conceived.

Academia de Bellarmino extends the educational venture by the founders and family of the prestigious school, Holy Child Academy. It was founded in the year 1976, and is now operating through 5 branches within Quezon City and another in Marilao, Bulacan. This is the mother school of AdB.

Our Vision

AdB envisions to develop well-rounded individuals who would be…

…God-fearing, enthusiastic to learn, confident and approachable, healthy and active, and proud to be Filipinos; and, who will emerge as…

…nature stewards, caring citizens, and leaders who achieve and pursue to excel.

Our Mission

Pre-school Department

Streaming from the grand vision of AdB, the Pre-school Department would be developing very young girls and boys who are bound to be GREAT. These are children who… … possess G ood moral values; are R esponsible Filipino citizens; E xhibit interest and mastery of lessons; are A rticulate in Filipino and English; and, T reasure their environment as they would do to their family and friends.

Grade School Department

AdB aims to nurture young boys and girls who are bound to be COMPETENT. These are children who… …imbibe a C ulture of excellence; O bey God’s commandments; M aintain a healthy mind and body; P erform well and confidently; care for the E nvironment deeply; T hink before talking; are E loquent both in English and Filipino; N ever tire of reaching out to other people; and, fulfill all T asks conscientiously.

Our Objectives

 Academia de Bellarmino’s immediate aim is to provide learning tools, habits, skills, attitudes and values that will be needed by the students in pursuing studies in the higher levels and beyond. It also aims to develop academic competence and a commitment to Christian values among its students.

AdB works toward attaining the goal of a Jesuit education: the development of its students into well-rounded persons who will serve and inspire others.

The Latin writings on the school’s logo, Noero, Protelo, Servio and In Fidelis stand for all the principles every Bellarminian should live by. Noero stands for ‘to know’ which means a Bellarminian should always study and learn new things. Protelo stands for ‘to lead’ which means a Bellarminian should put all that has been learned into practice through active leadership. Servio means ‘to serve’ which means a Bellarminian should eventually reach out to others by sharing what they have acquired and learned so that others may be inspired. In Fidelis stands for ‘in faith’ which means a Bellarminian should carry out all previous tasks gracefully as they seek for the guidance and providence of God.