The Field Trip

On September 28, 2017, my  schoolmates and I went on an educational trip to the Mind Museum, Agila: The EK Experience, and Enchanted Kingdom. Academia de Bellarmino wanted to give us the opportunity to learn outside the school. So, with our parents and teachers, we packed our bags and took off.

The first destination was The Mind Museum, in BGC, Taguig City. When we reached the museum, two big dinosaurs were right at the door. They roared and that scared my cousin, Zam. It was really funny because she thought those were real dinosaurs! They took us to a show where they showed us loads of experiments. Then, they brought us to the galleries. There were loads to choose from! There was Atom, Earth, Life, Universe, and Technology. My favorite gallery was Universe. One of their exhibits was a tunnel that had stars on it. The tube was an illusion that looked as if we were the ones rotating instead of the tube itself. It made me really, really dizzy, but I came back a lot of times because I really liked being there. Then, there was a button that showed you how the planets moved and how big they were and it was really awesome! My favorite planet is Mars, and I got to see how big it was compared to everything else. Before we went to our next destination, we had lunch at SLEX Gas Station.

Next, we went to Agila: The EK Experience. It was a flying theater that told a story about Eldar and his search for lost elements. They gave us stickers, each one of us either had a green triangle, a blue square, or a red circle. I thought it was just for design, when really it was for three doors to the theatre. My mom and I got the green triangle, so we went through the door with our sticker on it. We took our seats and the show started. Our seats moved while the show was going on. It was like we were really on the bird’s back, and we went into the clouds and some of us got hit by water. It was really cool! It took us to loads of places in the Philippines and it felt like we were really there. After we returned the three crystals, the show was over.

We used the rest of our time in Enchanted Kingdom. We rode the Ferris Wheel and we saw the entire amusement park. My mum and I rode the bumper cars and we had a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed this jaunt that ADB planned for us. I bonded with my classmates, teachers, and most especially my mom. My favorite part of the whole thing was the Agila, because I got to see the rest of the Philippines. I hope that I get to do this again soon!